NDD EasyOne® Air Spirometer

EasyOne® Air Spirometer

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NDD New diagnostic design


Portable & PC spirometer
EasyOne® Air is a flexible, accurate, and proven spirometry solution designed for healthcare providers large and small.
Utilizing TrueFlow™ technology, this portable spirometer delivers reliable results without the need for calibration to ensure lifetime worry-free operation. Thanks to the vivid color touch screen, it is easy to navigate, view real-time results, and enter data.

Flexible Use, Consistent Results
EasyOne® Air can be used as a portable or as a PC spirometer. It delivers consistent results regardless of setting or environmental factors.

Calibration-free TrueFlow™ Technology
Utilizing high-quality components and Swiss precision-engineering, TrueFlow™ delivers robust and reliable testing results without needing calibration.

Color Touch Screen
View real-time graphs, quickly enter patient data, and easily navigate with the high-resolution color touch screen in the EasyOne® Air.

Part Number Product
2500-2A EasyOne Air US
2500-2INT EasyOne Air International

EasyOne Air complete package with device, power plug and adapter, cradle,
USB cables, battery pack etc.

Accessories Part Number Product
5050-50 EasyOne FlowTube, individually wrapped, box of 50 pcs 5
050-200 EasyOne FlowTube, individually wrapped, box of 200 pcs
5050-500 EasyOne FlowTube, individually wrapped, box of 500 pcs
2030-2 ndd Calibration syringe 3L with EasyOne FlowTube Cal Check Adapter
5030-2 EasyOne FlowTube Adapter
2500-50.11 EasyOne Air cradle with cables, power supply and adapters
2500-50.5 EasyOne Air power supply with adapters
2500-50.4 EasyOne Air battery pack