Bovie A821 Reusable Bipolar Forceps 8 Inch Bayonet

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A820 Bovie Reusable Bipolar Electrosurgical Forceps 7.25 Inch Bayonet Fine (1.0 mm) Smooth.
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Reusable Bipolar Forceps 8 Inch Bayonet Medium 2.0mm Smooth

Bovie, a leading world class electrosurgical supplier, designs and develops the most advanced electrosurgery generators and accessories and advanced energy devices to meet the needs of today’s surgeon

  • These Bovie A821 reusable bipolar electrosurgical forceps are guaranteed for twenty autoclave cycles.
  • 1/box
  • 8 bayonet
  • Medium (2.0 mm)
  • Smooth
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