Edan F9 CTG Twins Monitor

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Edan F9 twins CTG monitor with 12.1” Colour LCD touchscreen, Thermal printer. a high-powered unit for your suite.
Please allow 2 – 3 weeks for delivery.

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Edan F9 CTG

The F9 is a high-end hospital grade monitor designed for multi-bed units with central station yet simple enough for private practice, it offers the most advanced integrated monitoring for the delivery room in big hospital; private obstetrician’s office; antepartum clinic. The F9 Integrating fetal and maternal parameters together (maternal monitpring is optional – F9 EXPRESS), the F6 expands upon the basic non-stress test monitor for pregnant women.


Basic parameters: FHR, TOCO, Event Mark, AFM|
Optional maternal parameters ECG, HR/PR, NIBP, SpO2, TEMP
Dual FHR monitoring
Optional Internal parameters: IUP/DECG
24 hours waveform playback
Multi-crystal pulse wave Doppler waterproof transducer for FHR detection
Signals Overlap Verification to differentiate twins FHR (+20/-20 offset while printing)
150/152mm wide paper printing
1,2,3cm/min real-time printing speeds
Quick printing for stored waveform
12.1 – inch high-resolution color folding up LCD screen
Optional Lithium battery for 4 hours of continuous working
Probe rack and wall mounting rack
Optional Built-in wireless module to connect to Central Nursing Station or FTS-3

Dim: 347mmx330mmx126mm F6 5.3kg approx.
Weight F6 Express 6.3 kg approx.


12.1 inch
800 X 600 Pixel
Multi-colour LCD Touch Screen

EDAN F9 CTG Specifications

Technique: Ultrasound Pulse Doppler with autocorrelation
Pulse Repetition Rate: 2 KHz
Pulse Duration: 92 µs
Ultrasound Frequency: (1.0±10%) MHz

DECG (Optional)

Technique: Peak-peak detection technique
DFHR Measurement Range: 30bpm ~ 240bpm
Resolution: 1bpm
Accuracy: ±1bpm
Input Impedance: > 10M (Differential, DC50/60Hz)
Input Impedance: > 20M (Common Mode)
CMRR: > 110dB
Noise: < 4µVp
Skin Voltage Tolerance: ±500mV
Fetal Input Voltage Current: 20µVp-3mVp


TOCO Range: 0% ~ 100%
Non-linear Error: ±10%
Resolution: 1%
Zero Mode: Automatic/ Manual TOCO
Dielectric Strength: > 4000Vrms

IUP (optional)

Pressure Range: 0 ~ 100mmHg
Sensitivity: 5µV/V/mmHg
Non-linear Error: ± 3mmHg
Resolution: 1%
Zero Mode: Automatic / Manual


Technique: Pulsed Doppler ultrasound
AFM Range: 0% ~ 100%,
Resolution: 1%
Marking: Manual fetal movement mark

ECG (optional)

HR Measurement Range: 30 bpm ~ 240 bpm
HR Measuring Accuracy: ±2 bpm
ECG Waveform: Manual control ECG waveform display
ECG falls off: Detect automatically

Patient Leakage Current (Limit) :
N.C. DC 10µA
N.C. AC 10µA
S.F.C. AC 50µA
S.F.C. DC 50µA

Patient Auxiliary Current (Limit)
N.C. DC 10µA
N.C. AC 10µA
S.F.C. AC 50µA

Differential Input Impedance >5MΩ
Display Sensitivity 2.5mm/mV (×0.25), 5mm/mV (×0.5), 10mm/mV (×1), 20mm/mV (×2), AUTO gain
Sweep speed 25mm/s
d.c. Offset Voltage Tolerance: ±500mV
Auxiliary Current (Leads off detection)
Active electrode: < 100 nA
Reference electrode: < 900 nA

Accuracy and Response to Irregular Rhythm:

According with ANSI/AAMI EC13-2002 Sect. e) The HR value displays after a stable period of 20s: Ventricular bigeminy: 80bpm Slow alternating ventricular bigeminy: 60bpm Rapid alternating ventricular bigeminy: 120bpm Bidirectional systoles: 90bpm

Response time to Change in HR:
HR range: 80bpm ~ 120bpm
Range: 7s ~ 8s (average: 7.5s)
HR range: 80bpm ~ 40bpm
Range : 7s ~ 8s (average: 7.5s)
Accuracy of HR Alarm Limit: 1 bpm

Tall T-wave Rejection: Exceeds ANSI/AAMI EC13-2002 Sect. (C) minimum recommended 1.2mV T-Wave amplitude

HR averaging method: Heart rate is computed by averaging the 12 most recent RR intervals.

SpO2 (optional)

Measurement Range: 50% ~ 100%
Resolution: 1%

Measuring Accuracy:
90% ~ 100% ± 2%
70% ~ 90% ± 4%
< 70% unspecified

Data Update Period: 2 seconds (typically) 10 seconds (in extreme condition)
PR Measurement Range: 30 bpm ~ 240 bpm
PR Measuring Accuracy: ±2 bpm
Data update period: 2 s
Wave length Red light (660±3) nm
Infrared light (905±5) nm SpO2
Emitted light energy Not more than 15 mW

NIBP for Adult (optional)

Measurement Range:
Systolic pressure: 40mmHg ~ 270mmHg
Diastolic pressure: 10mmHg ~ 215mmH
Mean pressure: 20mmHg ~ 235mmHg
Measuring Time: ≤ 120 seconds
Software Over Voltage Limit: ≤ 297mmHg
Hardware Over Voltage Protection: (325 ± 10) mmHg
Resolution: 1 mmHg
Measuring Accuracy Max. average deviation: ≤ ±5mmHg
Max. standard deviation: ≤ 8mmHg

Temp: (optional)

Channel: 1
Measurement Range: 0 ºC ~ +50 ºC

Accuracy: (transducer error excluded)
0 ºC ~ +25 ºC: ± 0.2 ºC
+25 ºC ~ +45 ºC: ± 0.1 ºC
+45 ºC ~ +50 ºC: ± 0.2 ºC

Responding Time: ≤ 3min TEMP
Accessory: TEMP transducer

Recorder Specifications

Paper: Z-fold, thermosensitive (compatible with GE and PHILIPS recorder paper)
Paper width: 152mm (GE), 150mm (PHILIPS)

Effective printing width:
110mm (American Standard)
120mm (International Standard)

FHR printout width:
70mm (American Standard)
80mm (International Standard)

FHR scaling:
30bpm/cm (American Standard)
20bpm/cm (International Standard)
TOCO printout width: 40mm
TOCO scaling: 25%/cm

Printing speed:
Standard Speed (Real-Time Traces ): 1 cm/min, 2 cm/min, 3 cm/min
Fast Print Speed (Stored Traces): Up to 25mm/sec
Paper Advancing: 20mm/sec
Accuracy of data: ± 5% (X axis) ± 1% (Y axis)
Resolution: 8 dots/mm

Record Information:

FHR1 trace/mark, FHR2 trace/mark, TOCO trace, AFM trace, fetal movement mark, event mark (and annotation), AUTO-zero symbol, date, time, printing speed, ID, name, FHR2 Offset, HR, SpO2, SYS, DIA, MAP, TEMP, CTG analysis results etc.

Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

Type: Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
Continual Working Time: 2 hours ~ 4 hours (depending on the configuration)
Necessary Charge Time: 9 hours ~ 10 hours
Nominal Capacity: 4400mAh
Nominal Voltage: 14.8V
Charge Mode: Constant current/ constant voltage
Charge Current (Standard): 0.2C5A (880mA)
Charge Voltage (Standard): (16.8 ± 0.1) V
Maximum Continuous Charge Current: 2000mA

Storage Temperature:

Short Term (≤ 1 month): -20 ºC ~ +60 ºC (-4 ºF ~ +140 ºF)
Medium Term (≤ 3 months): -20 ºC ~ +45 ºC (-4 ºF ~ +113 ºF)
Long Term (≤ 1 year): -20 ºC ~ +20 ºC (-4 ºF ~ +68 ºF)
During storage, recharge the battery at least every six months.
Cycle Life: ≥ 500 times  

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