Vitalograph Fleisch Pneumotachograph

Vitalograph Fleisch Pneumotachograph

Anti-bacterial filters may be used – significantly reduces cross-contamination and the spread of viruses

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Easy to use with no cables or arms
Extremely robust, designed to withstand being frequently dropped
Safer than a heated pneumotach with no electrical parts near a
patient’s mouth
Simple with no moving parts
Accurate, linear and stable
Reliable with consistent results
Technical advantages:
Low flow impedance, even with BVF (well within standard)
Linear and accurate even at very low flows
Can be easily decontaminated by cleaning, cold liquid sterilization
or autoclaving at 137°C
Can be easily checked for accuracy (using a Precision Syringe)
Recalibration by the user is possible if accuracy is compromised
Meets ISO 26782:2009 spirometry standard & ISO 23747:2007
Fulfills all the ATS/ERS:2005 guidelines
Far superior than ultrasonic and turbine-based technology – references available