Ecotron EVS3643W DR Solution

The Ecotron FDP solution offers a winning solution for your digital upgrade. Well-proven in the market, this product offers value, quality and reliability.

Onboard OLED display offering battery remaining, status and WiFi signal.

Wireless FPD Panel
Scintillator: FOCUS Csl:TI / GOS
Pixel size: 140㎛
Pixel matrix: 2,560 X 3,072
Dimensions: 385(H) x 460(V) x 15(D) mm
Weight: 2.9kg

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EVS 3643W
Increased Dose Efficiency and Image Quality
Improved Patient Throughput and Fast Workflow
High DQE / MTF Value
TRUVIEW®ART, Advanced Reverse Filtering Technology
Stable Wireless Performance

A range of acquisition offerings:
Tablet for total portability
Desktop work station with wall mounting options
Wall-mounted PC
Sell provided PC, Supply software/panel and client installs.
FPD Protector Slieve

Other Models available:
EVS4343A – Wired
EVS4343W – Wireless
EVS2430W – Wireless @ 76㎛, 3072 X 3,440 Pixels