Chison XBit 90

Chison XBit 90

A premium ultrasound system with outstanding image quality and powerful hi-tech features can bring you an intelligent and accurate diagnostic experience. CHISON is continuously researching and exploring new technologies to improve performance.

XBit 90’s brand new processing platform brings brilliant ultrasound image quality, which is a milestone for CHISON. In addition to outstanding image quality, XBit 90 also helps you enhance the accuracy of medical clinical diagnosis and improve scanning efficiency with hi-tech, XBit 90 can take you to experience digital intelligent ultrasound, bringing you simple operation and accurate diagnostic experience.

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Chison XBit 90

19-inch definition LCD monitor with wide viewing angle
10-inch touch screen with 15°adjustable angle
Height and position adjustable control panel with muted function
Five transducer sockets and an additional one for CW probe
Additional Endocavity probe holder and gel warmer
Full range of transducers: Linear, Convex, Micro-convex, Endocavity, Phased array, Intraoperative, TEE, Pencil probe, Volumetric, Endocavity 4D and Laparoscope probe
Advanced application technology: TDI, Stress Echo and Elastography
Full patient database solution: DICOM 3.0, AVI/JPG, Dual USB, HDD, DVD, PDF report

Probe Renge:
L7-T Linear
L8M-T Linear
L8M6-T Linear
MC6-T Convex
MC3-T Convex
C3-T Convex
L12-T Linear
L8M5-T Linear
L12M-T Linear
P5-T Phased Array
P2M-T Phased Array
P2-T Phased Array
P3T-T Phased Array
E7MW-T Transvaginal
E7-T Transvaginal
E6-T – Transvaginal
R7B8-T Transrectal
L7R-T Transrectal
VE6-T Volume
VC4-T Volume
L10I-T Special
CW2-T Special
L7SVA-T Special
T5-T Special