Biolight Multi Parameter Sever (MPS)

MPS-P01: Standard configuration: 3/5/6 Lead ECG; RESP; SpO2;PR; NIBP; 2-TEMP; Adult accessory kit;

Need more fearures:
MPS-P02 MPS-P02 (Standard config + 12 lead ECG )
MPS-P03 MPS-P03 (Standard config + 2-IBP )
MPS-P04 MPS-P04 (Standard config + 12 lead ECG+defibrillation sync. / analog output 2in1 )
MPS-P05 MPS-P05 (Standard config + 12 lead ECG+2-IBP+defibrillation sync./analog output 2in1 )

Advanved Module add-ons
23-031-0018 Masimo MX SpO2 Module (S5) (with Extension Cable and adult sensor )
23-031-0004 Nellcor SpO2 Module (S2) (w adult accessory kit: Extension Cable & Adult Sensor )
23-031-0003 2-channel IBP module (w accessory kit: A Series 4 pin to 6pin IBP extension

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Multi-Paramater Module Server (MPS)
Ideal for a lower cost solution where a micro-monior isn’t required