RIX 2V3B High-Pressure Oxygen Compressor

RIX 2V3B High-Pressure Oxygen Compressor

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RIX 2V3B High-Pressure Oxygen Compressors are engineered specifically for safe and reliable gas compression of oxygen and other dry inert gases.

2V3B Compressors are designed to provide a maximum discharge pressure of 2500 PSIG / 172 BARG and will fill up to sixty 240 cu. ft. 2500 PSI oxygen cylinders in a 24-hour period. The optional 2V3B-HP model provides 3000 PSIG / 207 BARG final discharge pressure. The 2V3B 3-stage compressor uses three oil-free, single-acting cylinders on a “V” type crosshead designed crankcase. Heat exchangers, crankcase, and compression cylinders are air-cooled. A free-floating third stage piston allows for easy removal and replacement of both the piston and rings.