Biolight P500 Syringe Driver - Single Channel

Biolight P500 Syringe Driver – Single Channel

A simple syringe driver from our patient monitor manufacturers Biolight
Reliable and low cost
Made in China

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Biolight P500 Syringe Driver – Single Channel

2.4 inch LCD display
4 kinds of injection mode, easy, flow rate, time-based, body weight
Built-in 20 kinds of syringe brand (5 international) and support two custom syringe
Applicable to various standard syringe 10, 20, 30, 50 /60 ml, and syringe size automatic identification
Anti-bolus function with three gradings(H,M,L)
12 kinds Audio-Visual alarm insure further safety
Automatically transfer to KVO speed operation upon preset goal is completed
Real time display total injection volume, easy for clinical observation
Extensive injection rate range, from 0.1ml to 1300 ml/h, in 0.1ml/h increments
Easy input by Keyboard or shuttle key
Rechargeable Ni-MH battery keep machine above 5 hours running under 5 m/L
Memory of last running parameters even under power off
Stackable for multiple channels
PX3, Class II, Type CF