edan SE1515 - PC ECG

Edan SE1515 – PC ECG

Flexible sampling box configuration:
DX12: Handy 12-lead Wireless sampling box (Optional)
DP12: Cost-effective 12-lead Wired Sampling box (Optional)
DE15: 16-lead Wired sampling box, providing 9/12/15/16-lead ECG test (Optional)
DE18: 18-lead Wired sampling box, providing 9/12/15/16/18-lead ECG test (Optional)

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9/12/15/16/18-lead ECG configurable
Long time sampling up to 30 minutes
DE15/DE18 sampling box with convenient sampling button and signal quality indicator
Enhanced powerful technical specifications provides reliable signal quality
Lead reversal function to easily rectify wrong placement of electrodes
Event marker enables you to take notes anytime during sampling
Reports comparison provides you an easy way of comparing ECG traces
Stress test function (Optional)
Built-in Glasgow Algorithm