Signers SUPiA CR

$13,500.00 + GST

SUPiA CR System offers such a better clinic environment with high-resolution image quality and affordability. It is very light and fast. Our console software ‘gram’ is simple, fast, and compatible. You can connect with any DICOM printer and paper printer. SUPiA gram offers easy multilingual support and special tools.

Cassette 14 X 17 inch
Cassette 10 X 12 inch

Supplied as a box only solution, contact Medspares for an optional comissioning cost

Available on back-order

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Compact & Lightweight : 436 x 636 x 196mm, 21.5kg (47.4lbs)
High Throughput : Up to 72 IPs/Hour (14 x 17” / 160 μm)
Extremely Simple Structure Design
Authentic Rigid Type among Clinic CRs
Able to bear up to 150kg of weight on cassette