Respicare PO5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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The Respicare PO5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a little sweetheart. It offers a more economical solution to true portability for the oxygen-dependent

Kit Contents:

PO5 Battery Concentrator
Bat01 Standard Capacity Battery 6.7Ah
Bat02 High Capacity Battery 13.4Ah
Battery Charger
Carry Pouch
Spare Filter
1 Set Adult Oxygen Cannula

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Respicare PO5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

This is a brand-new model that has been released by RMS in Shenyang China. RMS are specialists in hospital and consumer oxygen delivery devices with a highly regarded R&D Team

RMS utilizes PSA technology to produce oxygen from a very small device

The PSA process is a static separation of air gases via a specific molecular sieve designed to adsorb nitrogen under pressure, to produce oxygen-enriched air composed of 93% oxygen and above.

The first thing we noticed when we opened our first sample order was the neatness and cleverness of the packaging, then as we opened everything up, the presentation and quality of the actual product. When the unit was powered up it performed well with a super user interface

Complete with 2 batteries (standard and high capacity) the PO5 is ready for some out-and-about time to offer some freedom for oxygen-dependent patients. Also included is a day bag with a shoulder strap.

Respicare PO5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator Specifications


Standard Battery:
190mm (W) X 90mm (D) X 204mm (H)
2.14 Kg

High Capacity Battery:
190mm (W) X 90mm (D) X 222mm (H)
2.55 Kg

Product Category:

Class of the medical device

Degree of water ingress protection
Class II Type BF IP21
Circulation mode: Continuous operation

Gear Levels: 1-5

Pulse amount of Oxygen per gear:

Battery Life (when new and normal ambient temperature)

Power Supply:

Universal power supply
AC: Input 100-240V, 50-60HZ, 1.5-0.75 A 9USB-C Connector)
DC: Output 19V, maximum current 5.26 A

Battery Charging Time:

Bat01 >2.5 Hours
Bat02 >5 Hours

Battery Life:

Battery down to 80% or less after approximately 300 cycles

Warm-Up Time:

2 Minutes


5th Gear ≤60 dBA


High internal pressure alarm: Audible and visual
High internal temperature alarm: Audible and visual
Internal fault alarm: Audible and visual
Low oxygen concentration alarm: Audible and visual
No breath alarm detected: Audible and visual
Alarm system failure alarm: Audible and visual
Low battery alarm: Audible and visual
Empty battery alarm: Audible and visual
External power supply failure alarm:
Low system temperature alarm: Audible and visual
Periodic maintenance Alarm: Audible and visual
Alarm during device warm-up: Audible and visual


Normal operation:
Temperature 5℃-40℃
Relative humidity 35%-93% (non-condensing)
Not recommended for beach use – sand gets everywhere

Storage and transportation conditions:
Relative humidity 10%-93% (non-condensing)

The above data is based on an atmospheric pressure 101 KPa and a temperature of 21℃.
It can be normally used in terrestrial environments below 1828 m above sea level.
It is not recommended to use it above 1828 m above sea level. This may result in a decrease in oxygen concentration.

See the following table for specific changes.

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