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Here are instructions on editing your website. There are some areas that you won’t be able to edit but we can update those areas for you. We have a backup system running at all times so you won’t lose anything if you accidentally delete any content. We also have copies of any web form enquiries that come through.

You can access the website at any time with the login and password you have been provided with. If you forget your password you can reset it here via email.


Logging into your website

To login go to

Once you are logged in you will see your dashboard. The main menu is down the left-hand side.

From the dashboard, you can do the following: (listed below are the most common options)

  • Posts – view, create or edit blog posts (if you have a blog setup)
  • Media – upload new photos for use
  • Pages – view, create or edit pages (it’s recommended the web developer sets up any new pages)
  • Profile – change your password


Logging out of your website

To log out go to the top right corner of the website and hover over your login name or icon and select ‘Log Out‘.


Editing Existing Pages

Navigate your way to the page of your website that you want to edit. You will see a black bar across the top of the screen which has links to administration pages, click the ‘Edit Page‘ link.

Hover over the block you wish to edit and click the pencil.

From here you can do the following:

  1. Add images to your page
  2. Style your content as you do in programs like Word
  3. Add your content into the body section

Once you are done typing click on the ‘Save changes‘ button (4) at the bottom of the editor window.

If you are not sure you want to commit the edits to the live site then click on the ‘Preview Changes’ button. When you do this another tab will open in your browser showing you what the page will look like when you save the changes. If you are happy with how the preview looks, then close the preview tab so that you return to the editing page.

Once you are ready to make the changes live click on the ‘Update‘ button.


How to Add a Product

Below is an example of adding a new product. To add a new product click the “add new” link under products on the left-hand side menu or in the top menu.

Keep the image size under 300kb max for fast loading. And/or under 800 pixels wide in measurement, then it’s not huge.

When you are adding photos, to help with SEO (getting picked up in Google for the product). Be sure to add the correct name of the product in the Alt Text field, when you are uploading the image. This will help the product get found.

All Products Page

To view, all your products click here.

To edit an existing product hover over it and click edit.

NOTE: If you need to quickly create a similar product you can ‘duplicate’ an existing product, instead of creating a new one from scratch.

Video Resources

If you prefer watching rather than reading here’s a list of video blog tutorials:


The blog toolbar overview

In this screenshot, you will find brief descriptions of all the tools in the toolbar editor window.



Managing Orders